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At PLAY, we believe in the concept of hands-on experiential learning through play. We create unique and interactive activity kits and party experiences. We invite children to use their imagination to explore the world around them. We believe that through children using their imagination they develop important life skills resulting in effective socialization and problem-solving. We are here to help nurture creativity, to encourage togetherness, and to make learning more fun!.

We believe in ......

OLD-Fashioned PLAY

We believe in the old-fashioned value of play: children using their imagination to create and interact with the world around them. The PLAY concept innovatively combines interactive play with educational experiences, providing a unique environment for children to pretend, socialize and grow.


Getting together with friends and their children to have a fun day out is also possible at your preferred venue. With our knowledge and expertise in creating a PLAY date, you can be sure both parents and kids will be well entertained.

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At PLAY, we strive to create a safe, creative and inspiring environment where children can play and learn together.