Seef Mall ~ Upper Level
Kingdom of Bahrain.

Ph: (973) 17 564 900

Hours of operation:
Sun-Tues 10:00AM-9:00PM
Wed -Fri 10:00AM-10:00PM



The Facility

Tiny Tots Room

This room is creatively arranged for the under three crowd. With specially imported multi-sensory furniture from Italy, toddlers and infants will delight in the soft padded forms that allow young children to play in a safe environment. All furniture is covered in ecosoftx, an environmentally friendly synthetic fabric that is made using a non-polluting production process that does not release harmful substances during its use.

The Town

The Town encompasses the largest area in the facility. Various play centers are set up to resemble a mini town where children can role play while shopping at the supermarket, mailing letters at the post office, gearing up at the local fire station, or examining X-rays in the doctor’s office.

Art Pod

Children will be given the chance to create their own masterpiece using PLAY’s variety of art supplies. Daily craft activities will also be planned to compliment selected themes at PLAY.

Water Room

With special stainless steel equipment brought in from Germany, the water room allows children to engage in creative play that stimulates the senses, experimenting with the basic principles of physics such as measuring, pouring, and density.


PLAY’s two purpose built classrooms allow students to partake in a plethora of classes. The first classroom includes a fully equipped kitchen for students to take a selection of cooking classes while the second classroom is designed as a dance studio and will be used for more athletic classes.


The children will enjoy performing skits, dances, and songs in the PLAY auditorium. The auditorium will also be used for special workshops and thematic exhibits that will be held throughout the year.