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About PLAY

What We Do & Who We Are

At PLAY, we strive to create a safe, creative and inspiring environment where children can play and learn together.

Since 2011, PLAY has been the premier childcare facility in Bahrain. Our founder Sama Yateem, mother and educator saw a need for a high-quality children’s center that incorporated education and fun, as well as convenience. In 2016, Yana Antoniadis, mother of three and successful entrepreneur, came on board as a partner and Operations Director of PLAY. Together, Sama and Yana envision an international brand for the PLAY name and continue to grow and diversify its programs, while instilling core concepts. They are what makes play, PLAY.

We believe in the old-fashioned value of play: children using their imagination to create and interact with the world around them. The PLAY concept innovatively combines interactive play with educational experiences, providing a unique environment for children to pretend, socialize and grow.


Our mission is to provide a facility that offers entertainment for children and peace of mind for each parent. Your child’s safety is our main concern. By creating a warm and friendly environment, parents feel confident about leaving their children in the highly capable hands of our PLAY Professionals. Our enthusiastic and caring staff make PLAY a space where children feel right at home and independent to choose their own way to PLAY. We create a secure, nurturing and inspiring environment.

Our Mission

PLAY is the premier children’s edutainment center in Bahrain.

We are a play center that has strong ties to the community developing relationships with people and businesses locally.

Our Vision


At PLAY, we believe in the concept of hands-on experimental learning through play. We create a unique and interactive environment that is a replica of familiar occupational models. We invite children to use their imagination to explore the world around them. Through role play, we believe that children practice teamwork, use their imagination and develop important life skills resulting in effective socialization and problem-solving. We are here to help nurture creativity, to encourage togetherness, and to make learning more fun!

Our Values

PLAY is where fun and learning go hand in hand!

PLAY Bahrain Involved in Charity


Giving back and helping those who are in need.


PLAY is committed to benefiting the community and is involved in many ongoing community projects to give back to the community. PLAY sponsors events for local organisations that focus on bettering the lives of orphans and children with special needs.


PLAY Bahrain is the brain child of Ms. Yateem. Her vision, conception and the creation of PLAY Bahrain have resulted in the unrivaled success that the brand knows today.

Sama Yateem

Founding Director

Coming on board as a partner in 2016, Yana immediately envisioned a global concept for PLAY Bahrain. As Operations Director, Yana keeps the wheels of the company turning, enabling PLAY Bahrain ti grow efficiently and exponentially a s a brand-at-large.

Yana Antoniadis

Operations Director

Gerhard is a Mr. Fix-IT. As PLAY Bahrain's Facility Manager, Gerhard is responsible for keeping the PLAY Center and its operating systems in tip-top shape.

Gerhard Strydom

IT Development Manager

Our highly skilled managers ensures the facility is maintained up to the highest standard, while interacting with children and parents to guarantee a fun and educational experience at every visit.

Janet Kellagher & Clare Gregory

Unit Managers